About Us

We are a team of Jehovah’s Witnesses who have worked together for years helping groups from across the UK, Europe and beyond to plan a weekend of fun, fascinating and theocratically upbuilding activities to complement and supplement their visit to Bethel.


Our Team



Philip has worked with Betheltours for many years both as a guide and in the office. Today, alongside his pioneering and other secular work, he is involved in planning and organising the trips as well as presenting them.



Betheltours owes its existence to Derek’s years of experience planning, organising and guiding trips to London and the British Museum and he is still very involved in everything Betheltours does, including being our most experienced guide.



Anita is a pioneer based in London and brings years of experience as a tour guide in the British Museum as well as a lifetime of local knowledge to her role as guide on the London trips.



Ellice is a very accomplished guide who has been leading trips to London for a number of years, both with Betheltours and with other commercial operators to support herself in her pioneering.



Heena is one of our earliest guides and has many years experience working with Betheltours. She brings the zeal and enthusiasm she shows in her pioneering to her role as guide as well.



Jo (usually accompanied by her husband Martin) is one of our longer serving guides and she brings a confidence and enthusiasm to the tours achieved through years of experience.



Just like in his pioneer ministry, John’s enthusiasm as a guide is infectious and is complemented by his knowledge and experience of working with Betheltours.



Richard is one of our newer guides but brings a wealth of experience with him both from his work as a teacher and from his experience as a guide on the virtual tours of the British Museum.


Your arranging these tours is the answer to our prayer!

It takes all the stress out of the weekend!

Our weekend was absolutely AWESOME!

The trip represents exceptional value for money!


  • Are you officially endorsed or approved by Bethel/Watchtower?

    No, we are not, and nor are any other tour operators. A tour of Bethel can be booked by anybody at any time completely free of charge through jw.org. We simply support your visit to Bethel with a range of associated and supplementary services.

  • Are you connected with Meander Travel or Magnify Tours?

    No, we are not. We have known and respected Meander Travel (and later Magnify Tours) since their inception and have often used them to deliver our Museum tours. These days our Museum tours are delivered by our sister company, Bible Tours.

  • Are you connected with Bible Tours?

    Yes, we are. The only other company we have any direct ties with is Bible Tours.

  • How long have you been doing tours like these?

    We first began guiding tours of the British Museum and assisting others with planning their visits to Bethel over 40 years ago. Since then we have helped with 100s of tours and over the years we have built up a wealth of experience and knowledge that we can use in helping you to plan your trip.