The Benefits of a London Bethel Trip

The Benefits of a London Bethel Trip

As foreign travel gets more stressful, unpredictable and unreliable, a relaxing weekend with your brothers and sisters could be a great alternative and the benefits will last a long time! Many brothers and sisters say it was their best ever break.

Visiting the new branch office of Jehovah's Witnesses at Chelmsford gives you opportunity to experience first-hand the dedication, skill and spirit direction of the Bethel family. It will broaden your vision of what is happening globally, as the theocratic spiritual education and preaching work reaches its peak. It will forever increase your appreciation of what is happening at Bethel, as well as your fellow brothers and sisters, children or non-believing mates who may be travelling with you.

Organising your trip in association with Betheltours means that we can relieve much of the stress that may be involved in planning such a large trip so that even the local organiser can relax and enjoy their weekend away.

The Purpose of a Bethel Trip

We think that the main purposes and benefits of these trips are:

  1. To enjoy a faith-building tour of the Bethel facilities.
  2. To get to know better the other passengers during leisure time at dinner, in the hotel lounge or garden, and also on the coach or whilst touring the sights.
  3. To enjoy a truly leisurely break whilst sightseeing.